No Gift Policy

1. Objective

Mikro Msc Berhad (“Mikro”/Company) aims to establish a uniform policy relating to the acceptance of gifts, including gratuities or rewards. This policy applies to all elected and appointed officials, as well as all employees of Mikro.

2. Definitions

“Gift” means any bestowal of money, any item of value, service, loan, thing or promise, discount or rebate for which something of equal or greater value is not exchanged.  Payments for travel, entertainment and food are gifts.

“Gift” does not include:

i) Any discount or rebate made in the regular course of business and offered to the general public without regard to the individual’s connection with the Company

ii) Inheritances

iii) Plaques or trophies

iv) Campaign contributions.

3. Policy

i) No gifts of any kind, that are offered by vendors, suppliers, customers, potential employees, potential vendors, and suppliers, or any other individual or organization, no matter the value, will be accepted by any employee, at any time, on or off the work premises. By “gift,” your company means any item including pens, hats, t-shirts, mugs, calendars, bags, key chains, portfolios, and other ornaments as well as items of greater value;

ii) This policy includes vendor or potential vendor or supplier-provided food, beverages, meals, or entertainment that is not extended to any other employees.

iii) This policy includes any business courtesy offered such as a product discount or any other benefit if the benefit is not extended to all employees.

4. Gift Policy Exemptions

i) Exempted from this policy are gifts such as t-shirts, pens, trade show bags and all other ornaments that employees obtain, as members of the public, at events such as conferences, training events, seminars, and trade shows, that are offered equally to all members of the public attending the event;

ii) Exempted are cards, thank you notes, certificates, or other written forms of thanks and recognition;

iii) May accept discounts from suppliers which are of the same discount that is made available to public;

iv) May accept edible gifts of nominal value less than RM500.00 that are shared with a wide range of colleagues at the Company;

v) May accept items that can be displayed in public areas of Company’s building (such as flowers); and

vi) May accept handmade items by and from children under age 16.

5. Procedures

i) Upon being offered or receiving a gift prohibited by this policy, an individual must notify the gift giver of this policy and graciously decline or return the gift; and

ii) If the gift is anonymous, the recipient must deliver the gift to the management, who will convey the gift to a charitable organization.

6. Further Assistance

Any employee who requires assistance with this policy should first consult with their immediate superior. Should further advice be required, the employee should contact the Finance and Admin Manager.

7. Policy Review

This Policy shall be reviewed periodically to ensure that it continues to remain relevant and appropriate.