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SINCE 1997

A company created by people passionate about the
industry and driven to deliver customer value

What are two main reasons Mikro keeps growing? First, it’s because we make quality electrical distribution equipment that is proven to work in even the toughest conditions. Second, we keep our prices as competitive as we can; with Mikro you won’t be paying 50% extra just for a multinational brand name!

We like to think there is more to us than that, such as our devotion to the industry, our decades of experience, and our international accreditations, but when you boil it down, Mikro’s reputation is built on supplying reliable and functional equipment at low prices.

A new story is beginning with a new vision for the future, an expertise across the entire industry cycle and the ambition to give energy its full value. Here you can find out about our history, some of our key people, and discover some insights into our facility and the types of technologies we use.


We Served 29 Countries & 3 Continents World Wide

Mikro MSC as one of the most reputable brand for electric & electronic industries and infrastructure across the global

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