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Busway Temperature Measurement Sensor (TMSNX)



  • Input voltage range : 8 VDC to 24 VDC
  • Humidity : 5% to 95%
  • Sensor measurement range : 0 °C to +120°C
  • Measurement accuracy : +/-2°C
  • Maximum cable withstand temperature: +120°C
  • Power comsumption : 3W Max
  • Communication : Non Isolated RS485 Modbus RTU Protocol, 9600 Baudrate, Even Parity, 1 Stop bits
  • Dimension without casing : 70mm(w) x 15mm(h) x 39mm(d)
  • Dimension with casing : 70mm(w) x 15mm(h) x 41mm(d)
  • Enclosure protection : IP20
  • Compliance with IEC : IEC 61010-1 Safety Test
  • Compatible with Mikrosafe Software

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Mikro’s multipoint busway temperature monitoring system is the latest addition to Mikro’s further enchanced Mikrosafe system which com- prises of temperature sensor module, power supply and fire retardant cable. This system is able to monitor the temperature at every critical joint and is able to link to protective relay such that it can trigger the protection and trip the relay when critical temperatures are detected at the busway.

Users are able to set access control, level control and alerts to prompt the maintenance crew beforehand when abnormal temperatures are detected and provide real time temperature monitoring data to facilities/building managers through their PC or mobile phone via a mobile APP (in Android or Apple system).